Our latest product is Capscence: microspheres that can absorb all sort of substances. They do that in the same way as a sponge. This is very useful in applications that require slow release. When for instance a fragrance or insect repellant is absorbed, it can be released over a period of many weeks.


Our Product

Our product

Thanks to the possibility to mix them with ink, Capscence can be printed on textile. In this way it is possible to create and design textile that smells nicely. This can be useful for both clothing and home textile. Even after washing, the fragrance remains. 


Products that benefit from releasing a pleasant odour are sportswear. Items like boxing gloves or shoes can spread a strong smell over time. Treatment with Capscence helps.

Home textile

When applied on towels, bed sheets or curtains they will give a long-lasting fresh smell. 

Pest control

Thanks to the slow release characteristics of Capscence, insect repellents can be used on curtains or bed sheets to keep unwanted guests away.

Preparation of Capscence

Please contact us if you want your fragrance encapsulated or purchase our capsules.